Structural Design.

Industrial design as a constructive design.
Constructive in a double sense: in regulation and effectiveness.

Discover a creative system that is based on engineering, as well as service.

You are welcome.

Good, better, simple.

Kettle fontana5   ritterwerk 2012

The new kettle has a rigid and geometric design. It has been stripped of all unnecessary detail. The geometric and edgy shape will still be contemporary

in ten years.

Minimalist design with perfect usability. Precision in the details.

Durable materials. Local production. Made in Germany.


reddot design award 2013



cupboard system glider   ophelis 2010


"glider stands out due to its minimalist design and numerous configuration possibilities, which allow this flexible system to be integrated into a wide variety of office environments."


Statement by the jury, red dot award 2012



Kitchen System S1  SieMatic 2008


Consistent quality detail in all system elements such as the exterior surface, lighting, hardware technology and interior organizational design.


reddot design award 2008 : best of the best


With safety.

Multislicer icaro7   ritterwerk 2011


Safety lock for children: Ergonomic two-finger switch-on system for optimal parental control. Precise execution in aluminium diecasting.


iF Design Award 2015



Soda machine  publication ZEITmagazin 2010
The glass carafe is the focus, the operating lever has a playful touch. Construction: A solid base column integrating the carbon dioxide cartridge, with a head containing valves and connecting inlet.




Armchair, recliner, table and bench form a modern family. Aluminum combined with certifed teak, in 1998 an innovative and unique combination of materials.

Now Monterey become a modern classic.