Flush integration of a functional aluminum mirrored bathroom cabinet

which encorporates an adjustable magnifying cosmetic mirror.

German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015

Modular Interior Features: Mirrored back panel with feature rails

for glass shelves and storage areas.


Optional expansion through a Bluetooth audio module.


SieMatic S1

Clean lines and technical precision are the hallmarks of the new kitchen system.


The systematic approach includes innovative solutions for the opening of the drawers, the internal organization of the cupboards, the working light and

fan function.

red dot award 2008 : best of the best

ritterwerk icaro7

A combination of existing and new components resulting in a new product


The construction kit: aluminum profiles and injection molding parts

Compact design, integrated accessories: systematically to the smallest detail

ophelis series V

An open toolkit for desks, shelves, conference and media integration.
As by custom-made bicycle frames, the tubular legs and connectors are reduced to a minimum.

Red Dot Award 1999


burgbad RC40

Modules for vanities, mirrors, consoles and storage space are at the center of the new bath system. Sliding doors, shelves and panel walls extend the RC40 into a comprehensive concept of space.

In collaboration with Nexus Product Design 2005